“Rumpus: Super Quantum Compilation Of Doom Vol 1” presents the variety of artists and genres for which Rumpus has become famous for. From Balkan to Folk from Electroswing to crazy brass band action and circus filled wildness.
The compilation is a truly international mix of the hottest, crowd rocking tunes.Over the past two years Rumpus has grown to become a giant in London’s nightlife landscape,recently gathering over 2500 creatures to the Coronet in south London, and bringing it’s non-stop,over-the-top carnivalistic vibe to the Wilderness Festival. Rumpus has filled dance floors with an energetic crowd, dancing all night to a varied musical line up, championing Djs, live music and genres from across the World. At any given Rumpus, guests wander from a Jazz set, through the pounding beat of a wandering Samba band, onto a Dubstep dance floor and end up dancing the night away to the finest Balkan Beats and Electroswing!
Rumpus is the finest indoor festival in the country.Not only is 2013 going to see more and bigger Rumpus action in London and the UK festivalscene,but it also marks the year that Rumpus goes global with Bovec Rocks, a boutique snowboard festival in Slovenia which has invited the crew over to curate a week’s worth of entertainment!
Rumpus’ creators, Stefano Kappel and Santiago Genochio, cut their teeth on underground and community events around Europe before joining together to create the runaway success that is Rumpus. Stefano can now be found rocking dance floors from Berlin to Oslo to the sounds of his trademark explosive Balkan Beats, whilst Santiago can found running large professional productions around the UK.