It’s hard to imagine that the Electro-Swing movement is in its relative infancy in the USA – the country that probably provides the most inspiration for many acts swinging a beat these days. But amongst the pioneers over there, two producers Atom Smith and Buck Down, aka The Gentlemen Callers of LA, are shining brightest right now.

This collection of their remixes of other acts is a vibrant, life affirming case in point. Nearly all would and should be in the record bags of most Electro-Swing DJs because The Gentleman Callers know how to get a party started. Big brassy beats and swinging a groove like there’s no tomorrow; what more could one ask for?

Featured here are remixes for the likes of French swing group Lamuzgueule, Marcella Puppini, Bart & Baker, Dr Cat & DJ Pony, and The Gaslight Troubadours. And amongst others it’s their reworking on the latter’s track ‘The Devil Swings Out’ that really stands out here due to the source material’s slightly darker, original take on the electro swing genre. The Callers add a heavy, funky beat and lots of modulation shenanigans to finely tune the original into a dance floor classic.

But there are lots of highlights on this very impressive remix package. Their remix of Lamuzgueule’ ‘Bada Boom Swing’ has a cheeky dubstep bass line and other warm and bouncy glitch-funk sounds, whilst making good use of the original vocals and guitar groove. Their reworking of Sepiatonic’s ‘Pretty Polly Pepper’ is destined to become an electro-swing club classic, and the vintage electro 808 beats of Pony and Dr. Cat’s ‘Pony Swing’ should encourage some vintage breakdancing on the dance floor.

Jolly good job chaps!