Mouthful O’ Jam is a compilation brought to you by Green Queen Music and Paul Golledge AKA DJ Swing Maniac, celebrating forgotten treasures from the 1920’s and 30’s, an era of smokin’ Jazz, delight and heresy.

Green Queen Music has turned to the ‘King of Swing’ for an assemblage unlike any other. Paul Golledge’s collection has a one-of-a-kind authenticity, which stems from his extensive knowledge of 1920’s and 30’s Jazz and his incredibly rare collection of 78’s. Carefully re-mastered, Mouthful O’ Jam is the first in a series of albums looking to the beginnings of a genre that has once again taken the world by storm.

The album is “Mouthful O’ jam-packed” with the authentic and atmospheric, crackles of Swing Maniac’s shellac records.  Music which sings stories of love, lust and prohibtionsim, with a particular affinity to Original Jazz, Balboa, LA Swing, Lindy-Hop and Shag dances.

The name of the album is taken from DJ Swing Maniac’s popular night, Mouthful O’ Jam, named after Joel Shaw & His Orchestra’s ditty

Mouthful O’ jam was written by Archie Bleyer and Johnny Mercer. Bleyer was better known from the fifties and 60’s with hits such as ‘Bye Bye love’ and ‘wake up little Susie. Golledge’s idea behind Mouthful O’ Jam was to fully immerse guests in an intoxicating mix of hot jazz, jump and swing and most of all wild and wonderful dancing; a vision this anthology upholds.

In the words of the man himself: I love the way the music builds and how you can hear the excitement of the musicians as they   play of each other – which creates an incredilbe buzz and thrill in the club, with both the dj’s and the dancers.

It’s music that sings stories of love, lust and prohibitionism with a particular affinity for Balboa, original Jazz, LA Swing, Lindy-Hop and Shag.. This is what you can expect to hear. An album packed full of all the authentic crackles DJ Swing Maniac’s shellacs have to offer.