You can place HellShed in the same petroleum fuelled blues-rock town as ZZ Top, Seasick Steve, and The Black Keys. This isn’t nice, polished stadium blues, this is the down n’ dirty stuff and all-the better for it. Just listen to the spooky intro which leads into Zombie claw, replete with Theremin and old timey scratches, then the gnarled guitar blues riff and distorted lead vocals kick in, and you start feeling so dirty you need a shower.

Popa B.A.D.’s voice sounds like he accidentally sanded his own tongue whilst repairing a Harley; reminiscent of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons’ whiskey fuelled larynx. This resonates most on ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ which is a straight up blues rock anthem: “Those plums are made for lovin’, and loving them I do, all day and night I’m longing to get closer to you…” Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.