DJ Pony Montana has put together another stellar set of the swingingest 1920s & 30s meets 21st century groove. What sets Hip Swing Remixes apart is just that; it’s a selection of tunes that have been pushed even further into the house, tech and vintage phenomenon. With Electro Swing getting noticed more and more in mainstream club nights and publications, Pony has taken this particular compilation to another level.

Pony Montana’s tune feat. Push Pool vs. Kitten and the Hip is featured in unique and contrasting ways, each speaking the personalities of these swing stalwarts. Collaborating with the likes of Paris’ Kiwistar, Nikola Vujicic , tech house wizard Tavo and the moombathon and hardcore inspired Puppy Giant and DJ Grey you’re not presented with your every day swing.

You’ll find heavier bass lines with each version busting out heavier bass lines, even more danceable beats and the ever present and exhilarating resonances of the jazziest and sexiest bygone era.