Electro-Speakeasy is where you’ll find the glitz and glam of flapper dresses and top hats of the speakeasy and prohibition era long gone rustled up with a unique 21st century twist.
This new album, compiled and mixed by producer and Dj Dr Cat, is filled to the brim with dance floor wonders and an uncompromising look at swing infused house music.
Electro Speakeasy Club V1 departs from the classic Electro Swing genre. It’s a heaving, glorious house, breaks, electro and techno affair spiced with 20s flair, vintage blues and 21st century bass.
Is very much an album for the dance floor, Dj friendly quite fast and hard, 4 on the floor, no compromises.
Dr Cat kept a hear on the ground and an eye on the BPM.
Is an album to make the dance “Posse” happy as well as the Djs rocking!!