Sydney’s first and only electro swing night is returning under the expert tutelage of DJ and music producer Dr. Cat. To coincide with its return we have here an essential compilation of electro swing goodness featuring 16 tracks of good time vintage party anthems curated by the good doctor.

Electro Carousel takes place at The Jam Gallery right in the heart of one of Australia’s hippest cities, and conjures up the spirit of the swinging 1920s in a venue that matches the era nicely.
”It’s the brainchild of Italian born Dr, Cat who moved to Sydney four years ago and has gone on to become one of the leading forces in the promotion of electro swing down under.

This compilation continues Dr Cat’s love for all things swing and features a stellar cast including Mack The Producer, The Young Punx, Duke Skellington, The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles, and Budapest Burlesque. Old and new musical styles combine seamlessly on tracks such as Soulibrarian’s ridiculously catchy ‘Old Man Mose’ and Mortisville’s hypnotic house remix of The Gaslight Troubadour’s hugely popular tune ‘The Devil Swings Out’.
Now put on your best spat shoes and head on down to the nearest clip joint for the best party in town.

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