Buonasera Signorina is the latest compilation release from Green Queen Music; Compiled and mixed by Feel Good Productions founder, international DJ and producer Pony [Montana]; it’s a foot-tapping collection of eighteen club style, electro-swinging vintage-sound remixes and original tracks. It also contains a number of tracks created exclusively for the compilation including Dr Cat’s remix of ‘Me and Mr Wolf’ as well as the title track ‘Buonasera Signorina’ by Pony [Montana] feat. The Swingrowers.

Buonasera Signorina is a compilation that will as easily appeal to the DJ’s on the scene as it will to individuals looking for an instant swinging party soundtrack for pretty much any occasion! With this collection Pony presents his own particular angle on the genre and in doing so opens the door wider to more of the Electronic Dance Music crowd as well as presenting something fresh to die-hard electro-swingers.

As a style that first emerged from post-war austerity bringing sparkle, glamour and decadence to the ‘30‘s Swing is experiencing a true renaissance .. It seems no coincidence then that as we once again stare austerity (albeit of a different demeanor) in the face, we are doing it through the glitz, beats, glam and feathers of an electro movement in full swing!.. Electro-swing .. undisputedly music for our times.