Bart & Baker ( are two venerable Parisian DJ/Producers, dressed in tuxedos and top hats. There are many dj’s playing retro style music but what makes Bart&Baker so unique is that they were the first back in 2005 to be able to mix old records with new, remix and revive old 1920’s music, scratching 1940’s and 50’s tracks and generally making new dance/house music from a vintage source.

As Bart&Baker says, “we pride ourselves on reinvention, using elements that already exist like vintage music, burlesque performance styles and costume so we were able to please or uncover the vintage music shades of rhythms to both vintage fans and modern kids”.

Bart & Baker bring the best out of this classic 1920s tune. Yet again a classic song gets the “Bass” treatment by the Parisian Duo.

“Caffeine” no needed to dance to this infectious Remix.