A Jamaican in Cairo is an elegant work with an authenticity that shows both respect for tradition and for innovation. The sound is fresh and yet at the same time so well blended that it seems to have always been there. Arabic strings snake their way around Kette drum as the Nyahbinghi rhythms give new life to seductive Arabic scales. Reggae skanking and traditional brass fills are transported to the Nile delta on the currents of rippling Darbouka… All the while haunting vocals from east and west tell tales of roots and migration. The pedigree of the musicians involved in this album is impressive and their individual versatility and sensitivity to stylistic nuance is what makes this very particular fusion of styles so successful.

Jamaican and Egyptian cultures also have deeper connections than would initially appear: Diaspora’s A Jamaican in Cairo reconnects two paths that both started with the migration of a people. It is the musical representation of the voyage of cultures.

Musically Diaspora has made a very modern fusion from a very ancient diffusion!