Mouthful O’ Jam. Selected by: Dj Swing Maniac

Mouthful Oʼ Jam is a compilation brought to you by Green Queen Music and Paul Golledge AKA DJ Swing Maniac, celebrating forgotten treasures from the 1920ʼs and 30ʼs, an era of smokinʼ Jazz, delight and heresy.
Green Queen Music has turned to the ʻKing of Swingʼ for an assemblage unlike any other. Paul Golledgeʼs collection has a one-of-a-kind authenticity, which stems from his extensive knowledge of 1920ʼs and 30ʼs Jazz and his incredibly rare collection of 78ʼs. Carefully re-mastered, Mouthful Oʼ Jam is the first in a series of albums looking to the beginnings of a genre that has once again taken the world by storm.